> > > ADRI Seminar: Catherine Dormor and Luke White

ADRI Seminar: Catherine Dormor and Luke White
Wednesday 14th May 2014 4:30-6:00 pm Room G230 Grove Building Hendon Campus

ADRI Research Seminar: Catherine Dormor and Luke White

We are pleased to announce the second in our seminars featuring the current research of staff in Art and Design. This will involve presentations by two members of staff, with time for question and discussion afterwards.

Catherine Dormor and Luke White
Wednesday 14th May 2014
4:30-6:00 pm
Room G230

Catherine Dormor
“Matrixiating the Tacit”
Abstract: This paper focuses upon means and ways that knowledge gained through practice can be expressed from within that practice itself.  The matrix of knowledge proposed draws on the intertwining of text, textile and techne .  These are formative processes that together establish an interwoven structure in which writing and art-making are brought together in knowledge-production.  Three process will be considered: folding, fraying and seaming. These three models suggest that the material activities of writing textile and making text are allied and intertwined modes of knowledge-generation.   In this the tacit is communicated and the communicable is simultaneously integrated within the tacit.

Catherine Dormor is Lecturer in Visual Culture: Fashion, and Research Leader for Fashion. She is a practising artist, concerned with bringing together the materiality, imagery and language of cloth as a way for thinking, making and writing about materiality and making, and her work incorporates stitch, photography, video installation and sculpture, always referencing cloth, its structures and behaviours.

Luke White
“When Is Breaking Bricks Dialectic?”

Abstract: In 1973, ex-Situationist René Viénet exhibited Can Dialectics Break Bricks?, claiming to be the first entirely détourned feature film. Released at the height of the kung fu craze, his film appropriates a Hong-Kong martial arts movie, redubbing it in Marxist fashion as a battle between Bureaucrats and Proletarians, and allegorising the experiences of the May ‘68 movement in which he was involved. In my presentation, For me Viénet’s film stands as a fascinating document of the European avant-garde’s brush with Asian popular culture. Arguing that the film is more than the one-line joke it is often taken for, I will aim to examine the nature of Situationist strategies of “détournement” and the complex relation this suggests Viénet might have towards his source material, mixing unreconstructed Orientalism with insight into the history of Maoism, and a disdain for popular culture with a recognition if utopian desires lodged in it.

Luke White is Senior Lecturer in Visual Culture: Fine Art. His current research focuses on martial arts cinema, reading it in terms of its socio-political context, and aiming to trace in it strands of radical desire.

This seminar programme is primarily intended for staff and research students in Art and Design at Middlesex University, but any interested member of the University is welcome to attend. If you are from outside the University and would like further information, please contact Luke White (l.white@mdx.ac.uk), Catherine Dormor (c.dormor@mdx.ac.uk) or Emma Dick (e.dick@mdx.ac.uk).